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Why is it when a Mexican or Black person disagrees with the mob they become uncle toms or haters of there own . what gives you the right to take there opinion away from them. it must have been the same way in the second world war if you were German and disagreed with Hitler.. ..
Here is my opinion if your in the United States and you have by pass the legal way of entering the US. you have no right here and America owes you nothing and you should be a shamed of yourself for stepping on your own country men cutting in line as they go through the process of entering the US legally. and the ones who protest on US soil with out the right to be here. should put the effort into making your own country great go protest the corruption and the drug cartels you let run your country.............. If you will not fight for your own country and family why would we want you Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave were we have fought and died to make the USA a great country... now that its a great country built on the blood of Americans..... you think it owes you something you can go to hell. but if you thought that America was worth entering it legally and worth gong through the process of becoming a American. welcome to America no matter what your color or where you came from I am happy your here