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What: The Veal Marsala

Where: Lord Fletcher’s, 70385 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage

How much: $28

Contact: 760-328-1161;

Why: It’s a classic dish at a classic venue.

I recently celebrated a friend’s birthday at Lord Fletcher’s. Turns out Lord Fletcher’s is celebrating a birthday of its own.

Ron Fletcher opened the restaurant, offering “a touch of Olde England on Restaurant Row” in Rancho Mirage, back in 1966. That means Lord Fletcher’s—now owned and managed by Ron’s son, Michael Fletcher—this year is turning the big 5-0.

Given that most restaurants don’t even last one year, the fact that Lord Fletcher’s has been open for 50 years is an accomplishment that should be heartily applauded. Also worthy of applause: Lord Fletcher’s still offers a top-notch dining experience featuring classics including pot roast, prime rib and other hearty fare.

During that aforementioned birthday dinner, I ordered another classic: the veal marsala. It was prepared perfectly: The mushroom sauce was savory yet not too salty; the meat was tender enough to cut with a fork, yet still substantial enough to offer a pleasant mouth-feel. The accompanying vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes were also on the mark (although there could have been more potatoes, in my book). I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give a hearty shout-out to the house salad with palace dressing, which was simple yet fantastic. (The house salad or the soup of the day is included with the meal. Don’t shell out the extra $8 for the wedge; it doesn’t even include bacon, for Pete’s sake.)

It was a lovely meal with great friends in a unique yet classic setting. (All of the English knickknacks and works of art are a hoot.) Here’s to another 50 years, Lord Fletcher’s.

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I moved to the Coachella Valley some four years ago from Los Angeles, where I had worked in the media and entertainment industries for roughly 30 years. “Jaded” was my middle name.

Not long after my wife, Linda, and I took up residence in Palm Desert, we were invited to a "desert drink the night away" party where I first met Mike Taylor. He regaled all listeners with stories of his “salad days,” as he would say, bartending for many of the celebrities who roamed the Palm Springs-to-Rancho Mirage range back in the ’70s and ’80s.

To say that Mike is “an original” would be an understatement—and his storytelling skills have been honed to a glistening point over his years behind the bar.

In this video, longtime area bartender to the stars Mike Taylor recants some of his favorite tales of serving drinks to, and hanging around with, Ol' Blue Eyes himself. Saturday, Dec. 12, marked Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday, so kick-back, watch and enjoy just a few of Mike Taylor's funny moments with Sinatra and friends, and brace yourself for some heavy duty celebrity name-dropping in this four-minute ode to Mr. Sinatra.

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