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Ugh. Who's giving links to articles in progressive papers to the right wingers? It doesn't take much to kick their ant bed and get them crawling in a comments section. I'm all for dissenting opinions presented respectfully, but someone from CPAC or its ilk seems to be giving orders to saturate progressive news sources with conservative dogma. These folks will certainly be treated with more respect over here than anyone with a progressive stance would be treated over at Breitbart.

It would be a sad day if the Republican legislators who control certain states (as this article correctly points out, by the fine art of gerrymandering) are able to Constitutionally legislate on things like abortion, equal pay, marriage equality, voting rights, their restricted view of "religious freedom" and the other issues they deem important. With the current embarrassment of an administration in the White House and a feckless Congress, we can hope that the current Republican control of just about everything will be a brief moment in time.