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Kotkin seems like a barrel of laughs. Remind me to invite him to my next party.

Seriously, why is he writing responses like he's taking on an adversary in litigation? Doesn't he realize he's addressing the public through this reporter? His answers come across as defensive instead of explanatory. The questions certainly weren't presented in a particularly challenging manner.

And is it necessary to threaten a reporter doing his job like a DA's office might when addressing defense counsel in a criminal case? "I presume that you will not frame this revenue and expenditure data in a misleading or inappropriate manner. If you do so, it will compromise your relationship with my office irreparably."

In Kotkin's defense, some of these questions seem more appropriate for the City Manager rather than the City Attorney, but the man needs instruction on how to frame his answers for the intended audience (here, the public with a right to know) if he's also going to take on the job of general spokesman for the City.