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WESSMAN has been a negative to PALM SPRINGS as long as I have lived there in 1988!
He wanted to tear down thw WELLWOOD MURRAY LIBRARY at Taquitz /Palm Canyon for his crappy constuction that is always in direpair and made out of the cheapest materials! His building at Indian and Taquitz was so dangerous the escalators must have had to be removed! The cheapunsealed Mexican sone work is falling off everywhere!
The BULLOCK'S WILSHIRE deco moderne department store was demolished by him for a MORE classless crap of a building!...Out of business RESTAURANT ... PRIME FALLS and RUBYS!,,and pizza joint!...,BIG DEAL!
WESSMAN had SAKS FIFTH AVENUE leave PALM SPRINGS!!!! they would not stand for his fake plans and used their "escape clause " in their lease to move to PALM DESERT!
He was so arrogant ...he told them to team with his project or leave!

The RALPHS and CEDAR CREEK looked great for 2 years with the fountain in the parking lot....THEN crappy materials and construction...and overpricing of rents possibly ..did that CENTER IN.!!!...NOW a new scandal ,,,the HACIENDA .THERE!
I have had to call the city to alert them of all the broken glass hanging from more cheap mexican hanging lights (walkway leaving SONNY BONO's statue and walking on the filthy non sealed Mexican pavers!.)..preventing a multi million lawsuit against the CITY from someone as the walkway goes to a city parking lot!