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The Lucky 13

26 Aug 2016
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Back in July, Subourbon Outlaw played a show at The Hood Bar and Pizza. The band sounded fantastic—the members’ hard work showed during the entire performance. Currently, the band is focused on writing new music and recording an album. For more information on Subourbon Outlaw, visit Subourbon Outlaw’s drummer, Eddie Airada, recently endured the Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? The Warped Tour in 2006. What was the first album you…
23 Aug 2016
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Jared Huss is not a musician; instead, he’s arguably the most bad-ass skateboarder here in the Coachella Valley. Want proof? Check out this amazing shot here by photographer Orlando Welsh of Huss riding a rail atop a freeway overpass. Huss was recently kind enough to answer the Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? Coachella 2008. What was the first album you owned? Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP, the censored version. What bands…
18 Jul 2016
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Venus and the Traps have continued to dazzle local-music audiences at places from house parties in Coachella, to The Hood Bar and Pizza, to even the McCallum Theatre, as part of the East Valley Voices Out Loud showcase. The band’s sound combines punk, psychedelia and surf rock. Playing bass for Venus and the Traps is James Montenegro. For more information, visit James was kind enough to recently answer The Lucky 13. What was the…
04 Jul 2016
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I’ve had many interesting conversations with Jamie Hargate, guitarist of the Hellions. While Jamie is obviously a huge fan of Turbonegro, he, like his bandmates, is also a huge Nirvana fan—and even plays a Kurt Cobain signature model Fender Jaguar. Jamie’s wife, Danielle, recently told me that Jamie is also a huge fan (bordering on obsession) of Britney Spears. For more information on the Hellions, visit the Hellions Facebook page. Hargate was excited to take…
21 Jun 2016
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Troy Whitford is best known as the drummer for the Sweat Act, and also plays for local supergroup 5th Town. Whitford tells us that the Sweat Act is planning a live recording of all the band’s songs. You can catch the Sweat Act for free on Saturday, June 25, at The Hood, along with The Hellions and Sunday Funeral. For more information on the Sweat Act, visit or Here are Whitford’s answers to…
17 Jun 2016
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Terry McGuinness is a well-known high-desert music figure. After being on the air with Radio Free Joshua Tree, which recently called it quits, McGuinness is now part of the new Internet-radio venture Desert Rock Radio. He’s thrown some great shows at the Palms Restaurant in Twentynine Palms that have included Rikk Agnew and Jello Biafra. For more information on Desert Rock Radio, visit or Terry was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13;…
18 May 2016
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Not a lot of people know that there are a number of great hip-hop artists in the Coachella Valley—including Garcia Giant (Mario Garcia). He recently performed at the McCallum Theatre as part of the East Valley Voices Out Loud show; you can check out his music at Garcia Giant recently took the time to answer The Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? Camila and Reik at the Music Box in Los…
16 May 2016
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If you’ve seen a performance by Jesika Von Rabbit, you’ve probably seen several interesting characters accompanying her. Of course, there’s her 71-year-old dancing man, Larry Van Horn. And then there’s her bass-player, Lee Joseph. Originally from Tucson, Ariz., Lee now calls Joshua Tree home. He’s the owner of Dionysus Records, which is home to a lot of great underground music. He’s also a DJ; Joseph plays a lot of fascinating selections from the ‘60s through…