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20 Apr 2013
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Coachella Weekend 2 is officially under way. While this weekend is essentially a repeat of last weekend, there was still a great deal of excitement and anticipation in the air. “There are some awesome bands and great weather. It’s going to be a good time,” said a man from Calgary as he went through one of the security lines. There was even excitement among the bands playing at the festival. “We are very excited to have opened the main stage,” said Lorna Thomas of Skinny Lister. “The crowd was up for it today, and we had a good time, and it was a great gig.” Art installations are widespread throughout the grounds. One exhibit that caught my eye on Day 1 was called The Coachella Power Station, designed by Los Angeles artists Derek Doublin, Vanessa Bonet and Chris Wagner. It looks like a model of a power station, with costumed…
17 Dec 2012
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The time has come again to review some of the most-promising CD boxed sets hitting the shelves. The cynics among us decry the act of repackaging old music in pretty new boxes, while music buffs drool over rarities, outtakes and remastered classic albums. That said, here is simply a sampling of the best new boxed sets on the market. Whatever your tastes, you're likely to find something out there. Get ready, get set and shop for the best deals. While some of these collections have hefty price tags, if you search for the right deals online, you might discover some ridiculously low sale prices. Most of the prices shown are taken from as of our press deadline. Let's dispense with the prosaic intro—and get to the goodies. Blur Blur 21 VIRGIN; 18 CDs, 3 DVDs; $175.70 If you're surprised that this '90s Britpop band has enough material for 18…

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