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31 Aug 2015
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I wish I could bring you a mix this month … but I can’t. Circumstances have forced me to make a few hard decisions. Most notably: The website on which we’ve been hosting our mixes, SoundCloud, has suddenly made it very difficult to post anything related to a music mix. Here’s what happened: Some major record labels recently signed with Soundcloud, and in the aftermath, Soundcloud has rocked the DJ/mixing world by pulling all sorts of stuff offline, and issuing a lot of copyright notices. Let me clear: The labels have the right to do this. But that doesn’t necessarily make it right. Artists like me are seeing our mixes being removed, even though we are giving all artists proper credit, and not selling any…
31 Jul 2015
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This month, I’m happy to welcome Hard Rock Palm Springs resident DJ Paparazzi, aka Cesar Rios. Since you’re from L.A., what has it been like transitioning to being a Coachella Valley resident? As far as living day to day, it’s actually been a great transition for me. It’s paradise everyday and night here. Plus, I’m extremely lucky to have my DJ residency at the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. … Nevertheless, being born and raised in L.A., I do miss a good local scene. In Palm Springs, I feel like it’s not here ... yet. I do see it changing. I’m betting it will come when Bardot, (the new nightclub) at the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, opens (tonight), where I will be curating events.…
30 Jun 2015
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This month, we welcome guest mixer SynthEtiX, aka Alvaro Sandoval (right). I asked him several questions about him and his music. Check out his DuneCast below! How long have you lived in the Coachella Valley? I was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. Nothing beats the summer and winter seasons, and the surrounding mountains. What would you say your “style” is with your music? I take influence from techno and house. I focus on percussion grooves and a jazz-style call-and-response technique. What got you into being a DJ and producing? Thanks to my family influence, I’ve always been a musician and surrounded myself with creative individuals. I started writing classical music (for the challenge) when I was in high school, and I was no…
29 May 2015
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I would like to start off by thanking all of the Coachella Valley Independent readers who have ever taken the time to check out my little column here. For almost two years, I’ve been allowed to fill this space with my mixes and minor rants. I have recently been inspired by our music scene to the point where I truly want to develop something in it: I have started a record label and music collective called DuneDisco. The idea is to connect the Coachella Valley’s music fans, from listeners to DJs, with each other—and the broader music world. Our desert is unique and a perfect place to grow a wonderful music scene. Every month, we will feature a DuneCast mix and offer some insight into…
30 Apr 2015
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I have curated a mix this month that should prime you for the upcoming summer season! I wanted to turn up the heat and bring you tracks that can get anyone moving. I took some inspiration from the deeper side of dance, so this playlist can take you from the pool to the club—and back! I recently decided to retire All Night Shoes and perform under my “real” name, and with that, my style has evolved as well. In any case, you may hear some familiar sounds here—maybe you can pick them out! I hope you enjoy this exclusive mix. Enjoy these pre-hot season sounds! Redlight, “Gold Teeth” (TRU Concept Remix) Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk” (Chris Lake Edit) Breach, “Let’s Get Hot”…

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