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10 Jan 2017

Home Video Review: 'Tower' Uses Animation and Performers to Help Tell the Story of the 1966 University of Texas Shooting

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A scene from Tower. A scene from Tower.

Tower, a documentary about the 1966 tower shooting at the University of Texas, takes a unique approach by using rotoscope-type animation and performers, combined with archival footage and interviews.

The words said by the performers are actual words taken from interviews with real survivors—who are also featured in the movie, non-animated. It’s a fascinating approach by director Keith Maitland, and it’s very effective.

The lone Texas gunman took the lives of 16 people (plus an unborn child), while injuring many others. The film goes into great detail about the events of that day, as well as the aftermath.

Unfortunately, this horrible incident at the University of Texas proved to be just the start of a horrible, continuing trend: In the 50 years since this happened, many more mass shootings have occurred on American campuses.

The movie is one of the 2016’s best documentaries.

Tower is available via online sources including iTunes and

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