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The Indy Endorsement

25 Jul 2014
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What: The Slider Sampler Where: Woody’s Burgers, 317 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $10.50 Contact: 760-230-0188; Why: Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes, you don’t want to make a choice—and when it comes to burgers, Woody’s makes life a little easier on indecisive diners with the restaurant’s slider sampler. Now, that does not mean said diners are absolved of all choices; after all, Woody’s offers more than a half-dozen burger offerings, and the sampler includes just three sliders (miniature versions of the restaurant’s burgers). Sorry ’bout that. On our recent visit to the renowned downtown…
18 Jul 2014
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What: The cheese Danish Where: Villa Bakery, 67470 Ramon Road, Cathedral City How much: 80 cents Contact: 760-322-5701 Why: It’s flaky, sweet, cheesy and generally delicious. Sometimes, good things can result when bad things happen. I was driving down Ramon Road recently when I saw that someone had kicked or punched in the plastic door on the Independent’s orange distribution box outside of Villa Bakery, located on Ramon and Crossley Road in Cathedral City. Crap, I thought. I stopped to check the damage; the door was indeed busted, but it appeared that I might be able to engineer a temporary…
20 Jun 2014
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What: The “Washu” (American Waygu) Shabu Shabu Where: Shabu Shabu Zen, 71680 Highway 111 No. F, Rancho Mirage How much: $25 Contact: 760-779-5000; Why: It’s just so much damn fun—and delicious, too. It was fun. It was active. It was a little messy. And it was delicious. It was one of the best meals we’ve ever had in the Coachella Valley. The meal we had at Shabu Shabu Zen on a June Wednesday night was not my first experience with shabu shabu, a form of dining which, grossly oversimplified, can be called Japanese fondue. I became smitten with the…
09 Jun 2014
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What: The Zin Bites Where: Zin American Bistro, 198 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $9 Contact: 760-322-6300; Why: The zin in the sauce. This is a story of second chances. Several months back, we took a friend who was visiting Palm Springs out to dinner at Zin American Bistro. While the service and the ambiance were top-notch, the food was decidedly unremarkable. I’d tell you what we had … but I can’t remember what we had. It was not a terrible meal, but it was a meal that left us underwhelmed and not exactly rushing to…
22 May 2014
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What: The Chicago-Style House Special Pizza Where: Giuseppe’s Pizza and Pasta, 1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $26.50 large; $22 medium; $15 small Contact: 760-537-1890; Why: Oodles and oodles of yummy sauce. When one picks up a large Chicago-style pizza from Giuseppe’s, the sheer weight of the pie is vaguely startling: It’s heavy. For most folks, a slice of “normal” thin-crust pizza is a nice snack; add on another slice or three, and you have a meal. However, one slice of the Chicago-style house special pizza here can be a meal in and of itself—and what…
17 May 2014
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What: The Bill’s Favorite (with several sides of Bill’s Sauce) Where: Bill’s Pizza, 119 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $24.50 for an 18-inch pizza; personal size (10 inches also available) Contact: 760-325-5571; Why: Because of the extra Bill’s Sauce. On busy Palm Springs nights, danger lurks near La Plaza and Palm Canyon Drive. Caloric danger, that is. Is this case, danger takes the form of a pleasant person handing out pizza samples—more specifically, Bill’s Pizza samples. Consider yourself warned: These samples are good. Very good, in fact, and they often succeed at their intended purpose: luring…
28 Apr 2014
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What: The Crab Enchiladas Where: Ruben and Ozzy’s Oyster Bar and Grill, 241 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs How much: $14.95; $13.95 after 9 p.m. Contact: 760-325-8800; Why: It’s a delicious dish made with love. On most nights, you’ll find either Ruben or Ozzy Lopez, if not both of them, hard at work behind the counter at the brothers’ eponymous Tahquitz Canyon Way restaurant. It’s nothing new for the brothers to be hard at work behind a restaurant counter; they started out working together at the late, lamented Beach House before moving to Palm Springs' Shanghai Reds—the back-bar…
18 Apr 2014
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What: The Goat Cheese Sweet Corn Tamale Where: Babe’s Bar-B-Que and Brewhouse, 71800 Highway 111, No. A176, Rancho Mirage How much: $11 Contact: 760-346-8738; Why: It’s a veritable flavor bomb. If you’re looking for a traditional Mexican tamale, then Babe’s is not the place for you. (Unless you also like great beer and tasty barbecue, but that’s a story for another time.) However, if you’re looking for a twist (and a serious size upgrade) on the traditional tamale, then get thee to this mainstay at The River, pronto. There is a lot going on in this far-from-traditional dish. There’s…
14 Mar 2014
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What: The Smokey and the Jalapeño Egg Burger at Eureka! Where: Eureka!, 74985 Highway 111, Indian Wells How Much: $13 (Smokey) and $11.50 (burger with fries) Contact: 760-834-7700; Why: A perfect cocktail with a perfect burger. Regular readers of this space know I have a love of good, unique craft cocktails. Regular readers of this space also know I have a love of all things meat. Therefore, I now have a love of Eureka! There are a dozen or so Eureka! restaurants, most of them in Southern California, and one of the newest locations opened not too long ago…
07 Mar 2014
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What: The Nutty Chi Chi Where: Tonga Hut Palm Springs, 254 N. Palm Canyon Drive How Much: $11 Contact: 760-322-4449; Why: Nutty and creamy is a dreamy combination. Tiki bars—drinking establishments that serve tropical, island-themed cocktails, often with an emphasis on fruit juices and rum—used to be a big freaking deal. After World War II, these bars slung mai tais and scorpion bowls to a thirsty, eager public. In fact, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley were the home to a number of tiki bars before the craze subsided and largely died off in the 1970s. However, to some,…