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The Indy Endorsement

20 Feb 2017
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What: The seared scallops and smoked pork belly Where: The Purple Palm Restaurant at the Colony Palms Hotel, 572 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $30 Contact: 760-969-1818; Why: It’s elegantly delicious. It’s a Thursday night. It’s been seemingly forever since my friend Darrell and I have caught up, so we make plans to grab a drink and perhaps a small bite at one of our favorite haunts: the Purple Palm Restaurant, poolside at the Colony Palms Hotel. We order drinks from the amazing bartender. We chat. We peruse the menu. I see the words “seared scallops…
09 Feb 2017
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What: The lamb kofta burger Where: Evzin Mediterranean Cuisine, 72695 Highway 111, No. A6, Palm Desert How much: $11 Contact: 760-340-2020; Why: The meat was just perfect. My friend Jeffrey was effusive in his praise. “Steven H. and I went to this new Greek place in PD,” he told me via Facebook. “WONDERFUL service was over the top … and they gave you all sorts of yummies before you even order.” Good Greek food? Wonderful service? Yummies before you order? I’m there, dude. Well, I was there a week later, at least, when I met Jeffrey at Evzin Mediterranean…
20 Jan 2017
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What: The California Split Sandwich Where: The Lunch Box, 74868 Joni Drive, No. 1a, Palm Desert How much: $6.95 (plus $2.75 for a cup of soup) Contact: 760-610-1136; Why: This sandwich is satisfying. Even though I knew I was in the right place, a small part of me wondered if I was being punked when I turned off Cook Street onto Joni Drive in search of The Lunch Box. All I saw at first were warehouses and industrial buildings—but then I spied the sign above The Lunch Box’s door. Whew. Trust me: You’re unlikely to accidentally stumble upon this…
12 Jan 2017
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What: The Pork Adobo Silog Platter (Adobosilog) Where: Meng’s Filipino Cuisine, 34091 Date Palm Drive, Suite B, Cathedral City How much: $6.99 Contact: 760-321-2277 Why: It’s a delicious Filipino favorite. Confession: I have a checkered history when it comes to Filipino restaurants. A couple of decades ago, I visited a Filipino restaurant in Reno, Nev., for lunch. Various tasty-looking items sat on a steam table; all were unmarked, so I asked the woman behind the counter about some of them. She was fairly friendly until I pointed to a cooked fish of some sort and asked what it was. She…
21 Dec 2016
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What: The Baked Eggs in “Purgatorio” Where: Joey Palm Springs, 245 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $9.50 Contact: 760-320-8370; Why: It’s a perfect breakfast on a cool morning. Amazing food can often be found in the most unexpected places—and Joey Palm Springs is a perfect example. I met my friend Michael for coffee there one recent morning. I already knew that the space is beyond charming—it used to house the late, lamented Espresso Cielo—so I expected to enjoy a fine cup o’ joe in a nice spot with a good friend. I was also feeling a…
15 Dec 2016
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What: The Alps Wienerschnitzel Sandwich Where: Alps Village, 77734 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert How much: $13 Contact: 760-200-5400 Why: I keep thinking of the sandwich, days after eating it. Alps Village opened around the start of 2016, a fact that somehow did not make it onto my radar screen. A friend mentioned the place in passing, and since I love German food—when it’s done right, that is—I decided to check it out. I am happy I did—but disappointed that I missed out on this lovely little spot for the better part of a year. There were only a couple…
07 Dec 2016
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What: The Merguez lamb sausage Where: Cuistot Restaurant, 72525 El Paseo, Palm Desert How much: $9.50 Contact: 760-340-1000; Why: It’s affordable and delicious. A round of applause, please, for the bar menu. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to a restaurant and eschewed the main dining room in favor of the bar—and as a result, presumably had a superior experience while saving a few bucks to boot. My most recent amazing bar-menu experience came at Cuistot, the much-loved, longstanding French restaurant at the western end of El Paseo in Palm Desert. The hubby and I had…
04 Dec 2016
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What: The Stuffed French Toast Where: The Broken Yolk Café, 262 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs; 78430 Highway 111, La Quinta How much: $11.95 Contact: 760-318-9655 (Palm Springs); 760-777-9655 (La Quinta); Why: It’s sweet yet surprisingly nuanced. I’m normally a savory-breakfast kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE the sweet stuff, but when it comes to a choice between, say, bacon and … well, anything, bacon’s going to win. However, things started to change a bit on a recent visit to the Broken Yolk Café, where I saw this description of the stuffed French toast: Two…
08 Nov 2016
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What: The “Benedict” Sopes Where: Reservoir at the Arrive Hotel, 1551 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $13 Contact: 760-507-1640; Why: It’s a fresh take on an old classic. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day—when it’s done right. However, as I have noted in this space before, breakfast is often not done right: Far too many restaurant breakfasts are boring and uninspired. Well, at Reservoir at the Arrive Hotel, they do breakfast right. Witness this fresh take offered on that breakfast classic, eggs Benedict: For the “Benedict” sopes, they swap out English muffins for sopes—you…
20 Oct 2016
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What: The Breakfast Sandwich Where: Tipper’s Gourmet Marketplace, 276 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $7.95 Contact: 760-322-6666; Why: It’s a terrific meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was running errands around 5 p.m. one recent late afternoon/early evening when my stomach started telling me it was hungry. More specifically, it was hungry for breakfast. (My stomach clearly does not care what time of day it is when it comes to what it craves.) I was in downtown Palm Springs, so I knew right where to go to make my tummy happy. Tipper’s Gourmet Marketplace, tucked…