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09 Aug 2018
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What: The three-scoop bowl Where: Haus of Poké, 111 N. Palm Canyon Drive, No. 160, Palm Springs; also at 42500 Bob Hope Drive, No. 3, Rancho Mirage How much: $11.49 Contact: 760-537-1173 (Palm Springs); 760-636-1892 (Rancho Mirage); Why: It’s make-your-own bliss—if you do so carefully. Sometimes, when we’re given too many options in life, we make mistakes. Such was the case for me on a recent lunch visit to the new downtown Palm Springs House of Poké. I knew I wanted a nice, healthyish bowl of fish yumminess; however, I didn’t think much about the specific form that yumminess…
02 Aug 2018
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What: The Italian ice Where: Vinny’s Italian Ice and Frozen Custard, 190 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $7 as shown Contact: 760-904-4625; Why: It’s a tasty, cooling treat. By this time of year, even the heartiest desert-dwellers are simply done with the oppressive heat. We all have our tricks for dealing with the 110-degree-plus temps, ranging from 24-hour pool access to constant near-nudity to diets consisting of nothing but cold alcoholic beverages. Well, my friends, I recently discovered another helpful tool in the battle with the summer sizzle: the Italian ice at Vinny’s, in downtown Palm…
12 Jul 2018
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What: The roasted suckling pig Where: Alebrije Bistro Mexico, 1107 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $28 Contact: 760-537-1279; Why: It’s a surprisingly refined dish. Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week brought both disappointments and delicious finds at the handful of participants I was able to visit—but my most delicious find of all was Alebrije Bistro Mexico. It was so delicious that Alebrije was the only place I visited twice during Restaurant Week. Alebrije went above and beyond by offering four courses—not just the requisite three—for $39, and the food showed a level of sophistication rarely found here…
05 Jul 2018
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What: The lamb and beef gyro plate Where: Super Shawarma Mediterranean Grill, 69185 Ramon Road, No. 3, Cathedral City How much: $11.99 Contact: 760-321-1100; Why: The oh-so-pleasing melding of textures and temperatures. Once upon a time, I had a go-to gyro place. Whenever I had a hankering for good gyro, I’d head over there for some delicious food. Alas, this would not last forever. The gyro place is still there; however, I decided I could no longer give the place my business after the owner angrily threw out one of the Independent’s distribution drivers for no reason—after he’d personally…
14 Jun 2018
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What: The tostada especial Where: Mariscoco’s Culiacan, 51683 Harrison (Cesar Chavez) St., Coachella How much: $11.99 Contact: 760-398-5666; Why: The freshness and the impeccable flavor. A while back, a friend told me about the most amazing Mexican seafood place in Coachella. I remembered part of the distinctive name—Mariscoco’s—so when I recently found myself in Coachella during lunch time, I looked the place up. Boy, am I glad I did: The lunch was one of the tastiest meals I have had in months. Seafood, obviously, is the focus at Mariscoco’s, and the restaurant is renowned for its seafood towers. However,…
05 Jun 2018
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What: The huevos rancheros Where: Tacos Gonzalez, 80120 Highway 111, Indio How much: $9.99 Contact: 760-347-6858 Why: It’s delicious, meticulous simplicity. It shouldn’t be difficult to make great yet simple food … but it most definitely is. For example, consider the amazing huevos rancheros at Tacos Gonzalez, a popular hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint in Indio. There is nothing fancy or complicated about the dish: It consists of eggs, and tortillas, and sauce, and salsa, with beans, rice, lettuce and guacamole surrounding it. Simple ingredients all, correct? Well, this leads to a question: If all of this is so simple, why don’t…
17 May 2018
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What: Ice cream (specifically, the cookies and kreem) Where: Kreem, 170 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $6 for two scoops, as shown Contact: 760-699-8129; Why: It’s revelatory … but your favorite flavor may not always be available. There’s something to be said for mass-produced products. Take, for example, a Snickers bar. If I want a Snickers bar—pretty much any time day or night, and pretty much anywhere in the world—I can get a Snickers bar. It’s that simple. Alas, the same cannot be said for the cookies and kreem ice cream at Kreem. When I made…
10 May 2018
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What: The pizza Italia Where: Spaghetteria Pasta and Pizza, 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive, No. 13, Palm Springs How much: $20.95 for a medium, as shown Contact: 760-322-7647; Why: A bevy of tasty ingredients. I was in the mood for pizza. It had been a long work day—including a meeting with a friend/colleague who had extolled the virtues of the thin-crust pizza at Spaghetteria, the longtime family-owned restaurant in Palm Springs. Therefore, I put two (my hankering for pizza) and two (my friend’s recommendation) together, and called up Spaghetteria for a to-go order. Spaghetteria offers a variety of reasonably…
17 Apr 2018
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What: The avocado fries Where: Grill-a-Burger, 73091 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert How much: $8.95 Contact: 760-346-8170; Why: The rich mix of crunch and creamy. I love avocados. They’re delicious; they’re good for you; and they’re interesting. (For example: Did you know the avocado is technically a berry? Really!) Plus, avocados gave the world guacamole. Enough said. Given my love for avocados, it should come as no surprise that on a recent trip to Grill-a-Burger—the highly regarded and somewhat famous (thank you, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) Palm Desert restaurant—with friend and colleague Kevin, I simply had to try the…
12 Apr 2018
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What: The Porto crepe Where: Lala’s Waffles Crepes and Shakes, 34041 Date Palm Drive, Suite E, Cathedral City How much: $8.35 Contact: 760-202-3443; Why: It’s a treat you don’t find often. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment: What if you heard a new Mexican restaurant was opening near you? Would you be excited—even if you had reason to believe that new Mexican restaurant was going to be really, really good? Probably not—because the Coachella Valley is already home to a wide variety of Mexican joints serving up all sorts of yummy eats. Right? Well … what if…