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19 Jul 2013
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PS Underground Offers Surprises, Delights to Adventurous Foodies So this is how it works: You go to the PS Underground webpage, and you request a reservation for a dinner event being held on a certain date. The event is called, say, “Spectrum: An Evening of Culinary Theater.” You disclose any dietary restrictions, and say whether any members of your party are nondrinkers. If your reservation is confirmed, you pay, in the case of “Spectrum,” $89, plus tax, per person. You don’t know the location (other than it is somewhere local) for “Spectrum.” You don’t know what’s being served. And you don’t even know what in the world “Spectrum” means. Shortly before the event, you’ll get an email revealing the location, time and perhaps a hint about the theme, so you can dress up appropriately. If such a culinary adventure sounds intriguing, then you should check out PS Underground. PS Underground…
24 Jun 2013
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The Legendary Purple Room Slated to Reopen This Week The bad: The Legendary Purple Room, located inside of the Club Trinidad time share at 1900 E. Palm Canyon Drive, closed in early June. The good: If everything goes according to plan, it will reopen at 4 p.m. this Friday, June 28. The ugly: Since the closure, there’s been drama. Here’s what happened, according to Art Brigman, the longtime CEO of Club Trinidad: Tom and Susie Pacholik, who took over management of the club in 2011, informed Brigman they’d be ending their Purple Room involvement, and decided to close while Brigman was on a multi-week vacation. When Brigman returned, he says, the Purple Room was essentially cleared out—including some items owned by Club Trinidad and not the Pacholiks, Brigman says. “I have an inventory of what was mine, and what was theirs,” Brigman says. Brigman also says the Pacholiks failed to…
12 Jun 2013
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The Legendary Purple Room Closes Sad news for fans of the swanky, old-school Palm Springs vibe: The Legendary Purple Room, located inside of the Club Trinidad time share at 1900 E. Palm Canyon Drive, has closed. When we called the Club Trinidad to learn more, a woman identifying herself only as Jackie confirmed the closure, and said it was unclear when the Purple Room would reopen. When we asked if that meant that the venue would reopen at some point, she said she didn’t know, and that we needed to talk to Club Trinidad manager/CEO Arthur Brigman—who is on vacation this week. We’ll check in with Brigman when he’s back, and pass along what we learn. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a cocktail or two at the Purple Room several times before it closed (although I never saw any live music there), and it breaks my heart that it’s…
25 May 2013
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Restaurant Week Keeps Expanding First, the good folks behind the awkwardly named Palm Springs Desert Resorts Restaurant Week extended the “week” to 17 days, from May 31 to June 16. Now they’ve gone and made the week even longer. On Wednesday, May 29, and Thursday, May 30, a variety of Restaurant Week participants are participating in “Uncorked,” a series of 16 special dinners pairing multi-course meals with delicious alcoholic beverages. Just a few examples: On Wednesday, the Ace Hotel’s Kings Highway will, so say the people at Ace, “feature some of the freshest farm to table entrées complimented by some darn incredible craft beer from around the country” for $65; meanwhile, Las Casuelas Terraza will offer four courses, each paired with tequila, for $45. On Thursday, Pinzimini at the Westin Mission Hills will meld Italian creations with Italian wines and the house-made limoncello for $85. Of course, reservations for all…
17 May 2013
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When I saw the announcement come across my Facebook feed that FrickleBurgers in Cathedral City is closing, my response was their signature phrase: “What the Frick?” For those hoping to indulge for the first or last time, you have until 5 p.m., Sunday, May 19. FrickleBurgers, known for its hamburgers, bratwursts and hot dogs, became a favorite among locals who have eaten there since its opening in October 2011. (The Cathedral City spot followed a short-lived location at the Westfield Palm Desert mall.) According to the restaurant’s website, the term “FrickleBurger” was a term given by owner Michael Zoll’s mother to a European burger patty known as a “frickadellen.” FrickleBurgers serves naturally raised and hormone-free beef and chicken, locally grown produce, locally baked buns, and brats of the highest quality from Wisconsin. When customers walk into the restaurant at lunch time, there’s a good chance they’ll see Zoll behind the…
10 May 2013
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Fire Temporarily Shutters Twin Palms Bistro On a fairly recent visit to the newish Twin Palms Bistro and Lounge, 1201 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, a manager told us that the restaurant, which opened last year, was finally starting to hits its figurative stride after working out all of the kinks that come with launching a new business. Then Murphy’s Law hit. And then it hit again. And yet again, as posts on the restaurant’s Facebook page show in heartbreaking detail. On April 9, a “minor fire” broke out in the Twin Palms kitchen. “The fire started in a wall and the good news is the damage appears to be minor. The bad news is we will be closed today as we work to repair the damaged area,” said an April 10 post on the Twin Palms Facebook page. An April 11 post expressed hope that the minor damage…