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Stephen Grace’s ‘Dam Nation’ Examines the West’s Water Woes in a Way That Reminds of ‘Cadillac Desert’

To snatch a moment from the wild and capture it in words that pulse with life is quite a feat. Stephen Grace, author of the 2004 novel Under Cottonwoods, makes it seem effortless. When he describes sandhill cranes rising from the wetlands of Montana’s Blackfoot Valley, the reader can almost hear the thunderous applause of […]

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Ask a Mexican: Why Do You Italicize All Those Spanish Words?

Dear Mexican: Grammar question/rant: If Spanglish is a legitimate dialect/language, why do you feel the need to italicize every instance of code-switching? I seriously doubt that when you speak, you emphasize every puta palabra (emphasis intended here), but that’s what your articles read like. We all know that you are speaking Spanglish—not a foreign language—so […]

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Blu-Ray Review: The Animated ‘Dark Knight Returns: Part 2’ Is Fun—but Where’s the Live-Action Version?

Part two of The Dark Knight Returns, the adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel, has lots of Joker and Superman. For fans of the novel, this makes for a fine interpretation of Miller’s work, even if it isn’t the live-action adaptation many fans (myself included) wanted. Because the film, being released on DVD and Blu-Ray today […]

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The West Should Reconsider All of Its Expensive Water Projects

Across maps of the arid West, expensive water pipelines are being plotted to meet the region’s profound need for water. Among those under serious consideration are a 263-mile pipeline to bring water from eastern Nevada to Las Vegas; southwestern Utah’s 139-mile Lake Powell pipeline; and the 500-mile Flaming Gorge pipeline from Wyoming to Colorado. Each […]