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21 May 2020
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On this week's hydroxychloroquine-free weekly Independent comics page: The K Chronicles peers into the future from 2016; This Modern World gets some crisis-management tips from Donald Trump; Jen Sorensen wonders who's afraid of a little pandemic?; Apoca Clips heaps praise on Eric Trump; and Red Meat, with 8-year-old guest-artist Billy, wonders where the car keys went.

14 May 2020
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On this week's weekly Independent comics page, which is now offering curbside pickup: Jen Sorensen looks at how the mailman, in some circles, became the enemy; The K Chronicles celebrates more of Life's Little Victories, pandemic-style; This Modern World brings us the viewpoint of the experts, and then the "alternate" viewpoint; Apoca Clips gets a visit from the "reopen now!" protesters; and Red Meat, existing in a parallel universe where libraries are still open, works on a brand-new website.

07 May 2020
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On this week's weekly Independent comics page, now offering curbside shopping service: Apoca Clips gets Li'l Trumpy's views on the Asian murder hornets; Red Meat smells suntan lotion; Jen Sorensen looks back at warnings from the future; The K Chronicles pays tribute, sort of, to the great Calvin and Hobbes; and This Modern World takes look at the fantastical dreams of Donald J. Trump.

30 Apr 2020
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On this week's stir-crazy, slightly sweaty weekly Independent comics page: Jen Sorensen offers some helpful tips on dealing with outdoors social-distancing scenarios; The K Chronicles finally finds a plausible conspiracy theory; This Modern World explains how hard it is to be a satirical cartoonist during these fascinating times; Apoca Clips talks to Li'l Trumpy about the now-famous Lysol debacle; and Red Meat gets ready for summer camp.

23 Apr 2020
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On this week's weekly Independent comics page, which may or may not reek of hand sanitizer: Jen Sorensen ponders the meaning of government tyranny; The K Chronicles wants the richest 20 Americans to chip in more; This Modern World rebels against control-freak governors (not really); Apoca Clips yearns for a trim; and Red Meat makes a mistake while exercising at home.