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12 Jun 2013
It’s springtime in the West (and almost summertime), that time of year when brooks babble abundantly with snowmelt; cute baby animals prance around; verdant meadows' blossoms cover tree branches like virgin snow; the temps cross triple-digits every day here in the desert—and it all goes up in flames. Hoping to keep as close an eye on the burning West as I do, I scoured the Intertubes for the appropriate apps. Zillions of these things saturate the cyber world, and a lot of them are downright duds. But after many a download, I came up with a select few that I can recommend. WEATHER 1. Weather Underground (FREE): This is my go-to weather app, for sure. The home screen has just about all the relevant information you could want: current conditions, a forecast for the next several days, a radar map, a “Find Your Love” ad, and a weather watch/warning icon…
05 Mar 2013
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It's the end of an era for listeners of KDES 98.5 FM in Palm Springs: Long-time personality Bob "The Bopper" O'Brien has abruptly departed from the station. According to, the KDES program director and morning-show host was let go due to budgetary reasons. The article went on to say Bob is already looking for his next opportunity and can be reached at The Independent emailed O’Brien, and he declined to comment—other than to send thanks to his fans—due to a “signed agreement.” One of O'Brien's favorite expressions is: "This is B.O.B. on the J.O.B." Now, unfortunately, B.O.B. is out of a J.O.B., at least on KDES. O'Brien had just come back from vacation and was on the air for one day before being permanently removed. Whatever the budgetary reasons were that led to his dismissal are between him and the owner of the station, RR Broadcasting. However, removing…
12 Jan 2013
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What's 32 pages, has a total of zero locally produced stories, and is most decidedly not read all over—because there's nothing in it to read? The Desert Post Weekly, that's what. This week's edition (Jan. 10-16) is notable in that there are a grand total of zero locally written articles. Zero. None. The content in the issue, owned by The Desert Sun and its parent company, Gannett, consists of: "The Burning Question," in which four people affiliated with the paper—people for whom I have a great deal of sympathy, as they're forced by Gannett to put their name on this embarrassment of a publication—disclosed their personal highlights of the Palm Springs International Film Festival. (However, the festival was only about halfway over by the time the DPW went to press. To which I reply: WTF?) After that 46 words (yes, I counted) were: A quarter-page or so of events listings.…

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