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The Lucky 13

21 Jul 2015
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Two years ago, I did an article on a band from Palm Springs called Forfeit Your Skies. The band was reeling after the theft of a bunch of equipment. Today, the band is still largely intact, but with a new name: Cloud District. The hardcore group will be playing a free show at The Hood Bar and Pizza on Saturday, Aug. 15. For more information, visit the band’s Facebook page. Alex Sanchez, the guitarist for…
17 Jul 2015
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Charlie Ellis is best known as the frontman of Mighty Jack, but he also recently took part in a reunion show with local surf-rock group The Phantoms. Mighty Jack mixes punk, surf rock, lounge and rock—an interesting combination that makes them stand out in the Coachella Valley music scene. For more information, visit Charlie Ellis was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert you attended?…
08 Jun 2015
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Local DJ Tomas DeLa Noche always puts on an interesting show when he’s behind the mixing board. His house-music sets are catchy and feature insanely good dance beats; after well-received sets at the Coachella Valley Art Scene and The Hood Bar and Pizza (with Independent resident DJ Alex Harrington), Tomas DeLa Noche is making an ever-bigger name for himself in the Coachella Valley. For more information, check out What was the first concert you…
05 Jun 2015
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Remember Shawn Mafia and the 10 Cent Thrills? That band is now known as Gutter Candy. Fronted by Jersey Dagger (aka Shawn Mafia) on vocals, and featuring Lixx Candy on guitar, Sin Balls on drums, and newest-member D.D. Gunz on bass, Gutter Candy plays regularly at the Joshua Tree Saloon and recently performed at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert. Gutter Candy performs a blend of heavy metal and punk with a lot of comedy thrown…
21 May 2015
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Molly Katelbach—that’s Molly the K, to Radio Free Joshua Tree listeners—presents a lot of unique music on her show, ranging from oldies to stoner rock. Hear more at Molly was kind enough to recently answer The Lucky 13. What was the first concert you attended? Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones at the Starwood Club in 1977. It was a birthday present from my big sister to me and my little sister. Peter Tork joined…
13 May 2015
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If you don’t yet know the music of Jennifer Corday, you will soon. The Long Beach native has called Palm Springs home for about six months now, and is playing more and more around town; for example, you can catch her regularly at Oscar’s Café and Bar in Palm Springs, and she’ll be at the Rock Yard at Fantasy Springs on Saturday, May 23, with her full band, Classic Rock Revolution ( Learn more at…
08 May 2015
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Remember the band Plastic? The group is now known as Safety Net, featuring Carrick O’Dowd (vocals, guitar), Austin Lawrence (bass) and Cliff Horn (drums). The band participated in The Hood’s Battle of the Bands last year; catch them at the Coachella Valley Art Scene on Wednesday, May 13. For more information, visit Cliff Horn was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here are his answers. What was the first concert you attended? I…
17 Apr 2015
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Cathedral City’s CIVX has been in a period of transition. After the departure of bassist and lead vocalist Nick Hernandez, guitarist Dillion Dominguez took over lead vocals, and Clay Samalin and his bass guitar joined the group. After taking a few months off, CIVX is back and has recently played at the Purple Room and the Coachella Valley Art Scene. Learn more at Samalin was kind enough to answer the Lucky 13; here are…