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30 Apr 2015
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I have curated a mix this month that should prime you for the upcoming summer season! I wanted to turn up the heat and bring you tracks that can get anyone moving. I took some inspiration from the deeper side of dance, so this playlist can take you from the pool to the club—and back! I recently decided to retire All Night Shoes and perform under my “real” name, and with that, my style has evolved as well. In any case, you may hear some familiar sounds here—maybe you can pick them out! I hope you enjoy this exclusive mix. Enjoy these pre-hot season sounds! Redlight, “Gold Teeth” (TRU Concept Remix) Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, “Uptown Funk” (Chris Lake Edit) Breach, “Let’s Get Hot”…
01 Apr 2015
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This month, I am bringing you my “New Palm Springs: Vol. 2” mix—part two of a four-part series. The goal of each mix is to reflect the valley in which we live (or the place you love to visit, if you don’t live here). The Coachella Valley has a unique collection of different cultures that come together and commingle. As a musician and DJ, I want to create experiences that evoke emotion. This second mix builds on that ideal—I want to give you soundtracks you can keep in your pocket, so to speak. In it, I’ve included my latest remix, “One in Three,” from Name One and Maxxi Soundsystem. This mix features a deeper, sexier collection of tracks. I wanted this mix to reflect the…
27 Feb 2015
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FRESH Sessions this month features a fantastic guest artist: Orange County-based tastemaker Death House of Love, aka Reid Horton. Reid is not only a DJ; he also plays in a band called VIBES. I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his own tastes in music, and what kind of sounds come to mind when he thinks of the Coachella Valley. Learn more at and, and scroll down to play this month's mix! How would you describe your sound? What resources do you use to obtain your tracks? My “sound” is somewhere between disco, Chicago house and indie rock. I grew up listening to fusion jazz greats like Chick Corea, John McLoughlin and Jaco Pastorius. My sound has evolved from…
29 Jan 2015
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This month, I’m launching a new mix series, called “New Palm Springs.” Each mix will include tracks that I feel reflect our valley. I have always been inspired by my environment. I like cooler, chilled-out tracks for (our rare) rainy days. I like upbeat ones for sunny days. Living in the Coachella Valley inspires me on different levels. While we are definitely a Southern California community, we also reflect diversity. Here, you can find people from all over the world, and everyone has a story. This can especially be illustrated by the artists who are attracted to this area. I hope that, with this mix series, I can share my view of the valley and how it inspires me to create. Enjoy the mix by…
26 Dec 2014
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It’s 2015! This month, I have put together a mix featuring artists you’ll most likely be hearing from this year. Coachella is just around the corner, and you may notice a lot of “electronic” acts that you have not heard before when the lineup is announced. I think Gorgon City—which played on the Do Lab stage at Coachella 2014—will be huge this year; keep an ear out for them. This month’s mix also features tracks from producer Ben Macklin, an artist I have really taken to recently. His music features lots of bass and tropical vibes featuring synths as well as pianos. It’s perfect for an enjoyable winter day in the desert. The term “EDM” (electronic dance music) has spread like fire and has been…

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