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The film underutilized Chris Pine, Oprah is like a cardboard cutout, the last half of the film is not cohesive, and the farther you get into the film the more saccharine it gets. It is hastily wrapped up at the end. It barely adheres to the book, and there is a drastic overuse of glitter. The roles of Meg and Charles Wallace were the only thing that kept us in the cinema. Reese Witherspoon is likeable, for the most part, and Mindy Kaling’s role is best when she is spouting quotes. The production is overly ambitious. The CG is admirable but that doesn’t make up for really flawed writing and direction. The lack of a Christianity theme which has been a complaint, and which may be referenced in the books, but not heavily so, has nothing to do with why this film is a complete miss. I’m thrilled at least that the film was made accessible for non@0- Christians, because there are A LOT of us out here!! Furthermore, it has been brought up that racism is the reason the film is getting bad reviews. Racism does not play for one second as to why this film is severely lacking at nearly every turn. Direction, editing and screenplay sunk this ship, not racism.