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My name is Jaime Ray Newman, I’m a producer of the film SKIN. Thank you SO MUCH for your positive review of our film. We appreciate the recognition and especially Jamie Bell’s extraordinary and brave work. We spent almost a decade trying to tell Bryon Widner’s story. We hope it asks tough questions about forgiveness and the ability to change. These crazy times call for it on all sides, and art is the only way we know how to put that forward. All we want is for the world to be aware of the film and maybe it opens some hearts and minds.

I saw that your review hasn't been submitted to Rotten Tomatoes. Any possible chance you could reach out to them and submit? It would mean THE WORLD to us! Every single review counts, and we'd love your voice to be in there as soon as possible. Please let me know if there's anything you need on our end.

With much gratitude,
Jaime and the SKIN Team