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04 Dec 2016
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What: The Stuffed French Toast Where: The Broken Yolk Café, 262 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs; 78430 Highway 111, La Quinta How much: $11.95 Contact: 760-318-9655 (Palm Springs); 760-777-9655 (La Quinta); Why: It’s sweet yet surprisingly nuanced. I’m normally a savory-breakfast kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE the sweet stuff, but when it comes to a choice between, say, bacon and … well, anything, bacon’s going to win. However, things started to change a bit on a recent visit to the Broken Yolk Café, where I saw this description of the stuffed French toast: Two…
08 Nov 2016
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What: The “Benedict” Sopes Where: Reservoir at the Arrive Hotel, 1551 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $13 Contact: 760-507-1640; Why: It’s a fresh take on an old classic. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day—when it’s done right. However, as I have noted in this space before, breakfast is often not done right: Far too many restaurant breakfasts are boring and uninspired. Well, at Reservoir at the Arrive Hotel, they do breakfast right. Witness this fresh take offered on that breakfast classic, eggs Benedict: For the “Benedict” sopes, they swap out English muffins for sopes—you…
20 Oct 2016
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What: The Breakfast Sandwich Where: Tipper’s Gourmet Marketplace, 276 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $7.95 Contact: 760-322-6666; Why: It’s a terrific meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was running errands around 5 p.m. one recent late afternoon/early evening when my stomach started telling me it was hungry. More specifically, it was hungry for breakfast. (My stomach clearly does not care what time of day it is when it comes to what it craves.) I was in downtown Palm Springs, so I knew right where to go to make my tummy happy. Tipper’s Gourmet Marketplace, tucked…
23 Sep 2016
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What: The Strawberry and Cream Popsicle Where: La Michoacana Ice Cream Parlor, 27765 Landau Blvd., No. 106, Cathedral City How much: $2.39 Contact: 760-507-8477 Why: It’s tart and sweet. Not too long ago, I was at a party. It was a poolside potluck sort of affair, and a couple of gents arrived with a plastic shopping bag full of popsicles. Various party-goers started grabbing the frozen treats—and the raves began soon thereafter. “Where did you get these?!” someone gleefully asked. “La Michoacana, up near Landau and Vista Chino,” one of the gents responded. For some reason (Lack of hunger? Brain…
15 Aug 2016
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What: The Queso Bonita Tacos Where: La Bonita’s, 330 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $12.99 Contact: 760-318-8883; Why: Crispy cheese is an amazing thing. Ah, the taco. It’s the perfect food—delicious, potentially nutritious, easy to make and effortless to eat. Plus, it singlehandedly elevated the status of Tuesday, formerly the most boring day of the week. It’s not easy to improve on supposed perfection—yet that’s exactly what the good folks at downtown Palm Springs Mexican joint La Bonita’s have done to the taco. The queso Bonita tacos have all of the good stuff one would expect…
11 Aug 2016
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What: The Croque Madam Where: Bouchée Café and Deli, 72785 Highway 111, Palm Desert How much: $12 Info: 442-666-3296; (menu out of date) Why: The cheese ties everything together. Breakfast is my favorite meal … when it’s done well, that is. When it’s not done well, breakfast can be boring—or even off-putting. We’ve all ordered a basic “American breakfast” at a restaurant before, and instantly regretted it when we received a piece of dry ham, greasy and uninspired potatoes, and underseasoned eggs. But when it is done well … wow. The breakfast I recently enjoyed at Bouchée Café and…
03 Aug 2016
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What: The Bi Bim Bap Where: JOY Asian Cuisine at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, 84245 Indio Springs Parkway, Indio How much: $17 Contact: 760-342-5000; Why: So many flavors and sensations! Once upon a time, casino food was looked down upon. I grew up in Reno, Nev., home of the Club Cal Neva, which for years advertised a 99-cent ham-and-eggs meal on billboards far and wide. And, yes, you get what you pay for. Of course, things have changed since those days, when casinos were pretty much limited to Nevada and Atlantic City. Today, casinos can be found most anywhere—and…
14 Jul 2016
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What: The Wok-Fried Noodles With Chicken Where: Watercress Vietnamese Bistro, 415 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs How much: $11 as a lunch special; $14 as a dinner entrée Contact: 760-832-9927; (site currently only mentions Redlands location) Why: It’s fresh and tasty. Regular readers of these Indy Endorsements know that I am not all that impressed with the Asian food on offer here in the Coachella Valley. Yes, there are some great Thai restaurants. But as for good Chinese food … it’s veeeery hard to find here in the desert. A couple of years ago, the same thing could…
05 Jul 2016
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What: The No Name 2, as Part of All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Where: No Da Te, 73655 El Paseo, Palm Desert How much: $35 during our visit; $9 for just the roll Contact: 760-340-3698 Why: Sometimes it’s good to splurge … responsibly. On a recent visit to San Francisco, we decided to try an adorable little Japantown sushi restaurant. Its shtick: All of the customers sat around a little moat that had miniature boats with sushi on them constantly floating by. You could grab whatever you wanted; you knew the cost based on the type and color of the dish. It was…
19 Jun 2016
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What: The Happy Hour Mussels/Clams Steamer Combo in White Wine Broth Where: Trilussa Ristorante, 68718 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City How much: $10 Contact: 760-328-2300; Why: It’s all about the broth. When I ordered from the bartender while sitting at the bar at Trilussa, I said: “I’d like the mussels and clams combo steamers in the white-wine broth, please.” However, if I were being completely honest and accurate, I would have said: “I’d like the white-wine broth, and a whole bunch of bread so I can sop it all up, please. You can bring mussels and clams, too,…